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Like the best products in the world, Bodica was born of necessity: my own.

Rachel discovered dress shields when working in investment banking after college.  She was living in NYC, commuting on the subway and working 16+ hour days, all while wearing a suit.  Her dry-cleaning costs were high and “pit stains” were a constant issue.  Rachel’s mother suggested an old-fashioned solution called “dress shields”.  Rachel was interested, but horrified when she saw what was available: think granny panties for your top half.  She bought some and altered the neckline and arms.  The product was a revelation - she could wear whatever she wanted, without worrying about ruining her garments!  The only problem was the product was still so ugly.  She decided women should have something functional and beautiful so she set out to modernize and relaunch the dress shield concept.

Rachel has worked in finance, strategy and operations for companies such as Merrill Lynch, Capital One and Kaplan Test Prep.  She enjoys bringing this breadth of experience to her own start-up.

Rachel holds a BA in Economics from Yale and an MBA from the Wharton School.  She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband, three children, and their two dogs.

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