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WFH Style Tips

Posted by Valeria Van Brummelen on
WFH Style Tips

WFH style exemplifies what we all have known to be true for ages: dress for yourself, because of how it makes you feel—not because of how you look. We all have that favorite outfit that we’d immediately reach for when we need a little extra confidence boost. Maybe a favorite blazer that always made you stand a little taller during a presentation for work, or a pair of shoes that added a pep to your step. Now that life has become so virtualized, many of those empowering pieces have had to sit untouched for months.

We are faced with the question: how do we adapt our style for this new ‘normal’? How do we dress to connect with our best selves when the office has become the kitchen table?

Style has always been an act of self-care, and now we need it more than ever.

Here are a few tips on how to dress for confidence and empowerment in the new virtual world—whether it’s for work, activism, or even a virtual-first date!

It’s all about the top!

Take some time to sort through your favorite pieces and identify the tops (blouses, button-downs, dresses, etc) that you love the most, and that make you feel your best. Hang them up or carefully fold them, so that they stay wrinkle-free and looking their best. When it’s time to get dressed, don’t forget your Bodica Body Primer! The comfy undergarment will ensure your clothing stays fresh and clean, so you don’t have to waste energy worrying about how to dry-clean that favorite silk blouse. Last but not least, carefully set aside those go-to pants and skirts where they’ll be safe and well kept until you next need them.





Accessories can be a new form of expression.

We all know that feeling of being in a Zoom meeting and finding ourselves perpetually staring at our own little square. Select some favorite accessories to spice up your look. Have a colorful scarf that always seems to brighten your day? Use it as a headband (or a wrap on those bad hair days)! Have a pair of statement earrings that always seemed ‘too much’ before, which are sitting unused in your drawer? Now they’re just the thing to style a simple blouse or dress.


It’s not just about what you’re wearing, it’s about how you’re feeling.





What makes you feel your best while working? Maybe before WFH you would make a point of grabbing a cappuccino or a muffin on the way to work? Keep those old habits that made you feel grounded and at your best by incorporating versions of them into your WFH routine. If you have a big meeting, maybe make sure to set aside 5 minutes beforehand to make a pot of your favorite tea to have on hand!

Till next time! Xo
- Bodica